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We are a quality ant exterminator specializing in ant control & ant infestations. Are you having trouble with ants? Get in touch with us today at 331-481-6838.

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Bed Bug Exterminator

Having a problem with bed bugs in Aurora IL? We are a bed bug exterminator who can help you today. Bed bugs are no match for us. Call now.

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Mice Control

Now offering mice control service to the Aurora area. Do you need a mouse exterminator? The Aurora Pest Control Pros can help out today. Call now for an appointment.

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Reliable Pest Control | Aurora, IL

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Total Elimination & Prevention of 23+ Pests

Choosing An Exterminator

Looking for a residential exterminator Aurora, IL? Look no further than Aurora Pest Control Pros. We are a professional pest control company preventing ants, bed bugs, mice, bees, and other insects from invading your personal space. We offer professional pest control Aurora IL that will help you get your property back to regular shape. If you have insects crawling all around your home, then you’re probably looking for an exterminator Aurora, IL. So give the Aurora Pest Control Pros a call.

We offer reliable and affordable services to residential and commercial properties in the Aurora area. We show just as much care for your home or business than if it was our own. Our work can be guaranteed. (call for details).

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Hiring A Pest Control Company

Pest control service in Aurora, Illinois - Do you need a quality exterminator?

Pest control service in Aurora, Illinois – Do you need a quality exterminator?

Your home is your biggest investment and it is your responsibility to make sure that it stays free and clean of any little critters crawling around. As time goes on, your home becomes more of a breeding ground for various pests. Call the Aurora Pest Control Pros for Pest control Aurora IL

Preventative pest control & exterminator services are a great way for you to protect the resale value of your home. New prospective homeowners love hearing that our services were taken into consideration before they were considering purchasing the house. So it is our mission to provide the best pest control services for your Aurora, IL property. Give the Aurora Pest Control Pros a call today.

Guessing and troubleshooting do not go hand and hand when it comes to what we do. You don’t want to find yourself searching for a solution once you get there and start evaluating the problem.

Pest Control – Bugs and Rodents

Once you start learning a bit more about pests then you start knowing what to look for.

Pest Control Aurora, IL

Do you need an exterminator in Aurora, IL? Stop The Bugs is a professional pest solutions service that can help you get rid of ants, bed bugs, mice, bees, mosquitos, and more. Trust us to prevent all of these different types of bugs.

Give us a call at any time throughout the day to speak with a professional pest consultant. We have a great reputation in the area for pest control services. You can trust us to solve all of your pest control issues.

Do You Really Need To Call A Pest Control Company?

Quality mice control solution for removing mice on your property

Quality mice control solution for removing mice on your property

Your home is where you and your family live. It’s where you make memories, enjoy each other’s company, and share your lives. Unfortunately, the cozy nest that you and your family have created can appeal to more than just the invited guests and you can find yourself with a pest problem. Whether it’s ants, mice or bed bugs inside or bees, wasps or mosquitoes outside, any of these unwanted visitors can make your home a lot less cozy. Do-it-yourselfers will head to the grocery store or the home improvement warehouse looking for ways to evict these unwanted pests but is this the best option? On the other hand, do you really need to call in a professional company?

Pest Control Methods You Can Try Before Calling In A Pest Control Company.
Pests of all kinds are looking for the same things humans look for when looking for a new place to live, food, water, and shelter. Eliminate any of those things and most pests will move along to more accommodating accommodations. Some good things to try are keeping all food sources closed and protected as well as eliminating any leaks that can provide water for the pests. Also finding the manner in which they are entering your home and closing it might alleviate the problem. Pesticides can help but be careful to keep them away from children and animals, as they are poisonous and can hurt them.

When To Call In The Experts
If the above methods do not eliminate the problem, it’s probably time to call in the experts, especially if the pests you suspect are the damaging kinds such as mice or termites. Mice are a real problem as they are hard to evict as well as damaging to your home. Mice can chew holes in the walls, your furniture, as well as the wiring to your home causing more damage to your wallet, then a visit from the pest control company. If you find signs of a mice infestation, such as mouse droppings or holes chewed into the walls, then it’s time to call in the experts before the mice do any more damage.

What To Look For In A Good Pest Control Company
Look for a company that is licensed and bonded so that you know you and your home are protected against any accidental damage. In addition, a company that offers a free inspection as well as a detailed summary of what will be done to eliminate the problem is good. A good pest control company can have your home safe and pest free, leaving you and your family to enjoy your home again. We have professional serviced the Aurora University with Pest Control Aurora IL services. For more information about Aurora’s history, visit this page.

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