Are There Ticks In My Backyard?

Ticks can be pretty annoying and rather dangerous. They feed on blood and can live on not only wild animals, but also your pets and you! In addition to that, they also carry frightening diseases such as Lyme disease, fever, Powassan, and can even cause paralysis.

Over 800 different species of ticks exist in the world and they are usually active from August to November.

Of course, in order to know if there are ticks in your backyard, you must first be able to identify them. If there is a tick infestation in your home, you will be able to find a large number of ticks on your body or on your pet. Ticks are usually found in the armpits, groin, or scalp. And, although its bite is relatively painless, it can be dangerous.

When searching for ticks in your yard, you must search for areas that are shady, moist and have tall grasses. Ticks love going about their businesses discreetly and prefer staying hidden in tall grasses. However, the most telltale sign of tick infestation is the start of sickness on a family member. Some of the symptoms can include fever, fatigue, rash, and body pain.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep ticks out of your yard (aside from calling your local pest control service, of course!).

Tip 1: Mow the lawn frequently

Ticks love staying hidden in tall grasses. Therefore, if you want to eliminate ticks, you must get rid of their favorite hangout spots. You must mow the lawn frequently.

Tip 2: Make it annoying for them to move around

You should consider placing wood chips and gravel buffer zone between lawns and wooden areas. Ticks hate crossing paths lined with wood chips or gravel.

Tip 3: Get a tick predator

If you are seriously annoyed with the ticks in your backyard, you should consider getting a tick predator. You must consider investing in a few chickens.  Chickens love pecking away at ticks and with them around, you won´t have to worry about ticks anymore. Plus, you get to enjoy fresh eggs too. Isn´t it a win-win situation?

Tip 4: Ensure that the woodpiles are neatly stacked

Ticks love residing in sloppy woodpiles in shaded areas. However, if you keep the woodpiles neatly stacked and ensure that they get some sun, you will increase your chances of repelling ticks. As we mentioned earlier, ticks love moist, wooden areas and hate anything dry.


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